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       B-W Gallery is open by appointment only. Please contact us for availability,

       We are featuring the works of Jack Baber, Don Krehbiel, Howard Steinberg and A. J. Vincolisi. These photographers have practiced their art for most of their adult life and primarily exhibit black and white images, but some color does seep in lately. For more info on each, see the tabs to the left.

       We’ve collected books here and across the country for almost forty years. We’re offering books from our collection of first editions – many of which are review copies, signed and/or special editions.  They include fiction, non-fiction, photography/art, poetry, plays . . . .   Please visit our “bookstore” link, take a look at a sampling and send us an email with inquiries; it may be on our shelf.

       Nestled beside oaks and pines in a lovely rural setting, B-W Gallery is conveniently located just south of Atascadero at the Santa Barbara Rd. exit of Highway 101.  Proprietors Patricia Bennett and A.J.Vincolisi will make every effort to accommodate your schedule and ensure your visit to the Gallery truly enhances your time on the Central Coast.        

       Special events will be posted at our “Contact” link. See this link for details on our next show.

       Thank you for taking time to visit our website ~ please, visit us often for updates, including new artists and scheduled events.  
        A.J. Vincolisi and Patricia Bennett

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